Kennel Profile

Located deep in the Heart of Texas Hill Country, my hounds are raised and conditioned in a rugged yet varied terrain filled with an abundant variety of game and diversity.  If they can tree 'em here, they can tree 'em anywhere!

We are fortunate to have year around hunting conditions.  It gets hot in the summer months, cold in the winter months, and we average about 32 inches of annual rainfall.  In one night you can be in marshes, rocky cliffs, creek and river beds, grassy plains, or pecan bottoms!
There's an old saying:  "If you don't like the weather in Texas...just wait a few minutes and it's bound to change".  These radical changes in temperature and humidity can create some very interesting and challenging tracking conditions.  When you experience 30+ degree changes from sundown to sunup, it's a great way to "test" a young dog that is on their way.