Upcoming Litter for 2018........... (Max x Misty)
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Ben Eubank's Wipeout Max
Ben has been running Max for a little over a year and competing at a very high level.  The main reason I want to bred to him is his accuracy and mouth.  Like Moe, another wipeout bred hound, Max rarely misses and has an exceptional mouth on track, locate, and tree.  There are already some pups on the ground out of Max and they are off to a great start, showing proof that Max is passing on his key traits to his offspring.  We believe that a cross with Misty will prove to be more of what we are seeking in the breed today.

Misty on catch
Misty Shadow is a direct daughter of my dual grand Shadow female and Moe, one of the best country coondogs I have ever hunted.  Moe was owned by Kenneth Hemphill of San Angelo, Texas, and was a direct son of Wipeout Zac (aka: Moose) and a Nailor x Tar Rattler bred female named "Terrie".  Misty was a natural.  She started before she was a year old and hunted alone her entire young life.  She was hunted mostly by Wayne Miller of south Texas and was recently purchased to breed to Cloud.  We have raised two exceptional litters of absolute naturals, with explosive mouths.  We have high expectations for these pups and expect them to be as outstanding as her last litter. 

Mr Hemphill & Mo
Several of my pages make references to a man named Kenneth Hemphill and a dog named Mo.  When I say "man" and "dog" I mean once in a life-time, high character, best you will ever see or know!  Mo was the definition of coondog. He had it all and then some.  You didn't have to say a word about Mo, just cut him lose and by the end of the hunt you knew all you needed to know.  This dog didn't miss!  An absolute legend, and you couldn't find one more accurate or fun to listen to on track, locate, or tree.   Now if he caught one on the ground... different story.  He was a bone crusher!  What kind of man gets to own a dog like that?  
If you run hounds your whole life and have one like Mo you are lucky, if you go your whole life and have a friend like Mr. Hemphill, you are blessed!  Kenneth has been running hounds since before the Walkers were registered, and he has had some dandies!  More importantly, he has shared his love of the hunt with many young hunters and has passed on his passion for tree dogs to men that can only hope to be half the man and have half the dog he had.  Let's all keep that tradition strong with the next generation of hunters and pay tribute to men like Mr Hemphill.  It's a tall order to fill, but as houndsmen we owe it to the legacy these men have left us.  They lived the example and gave us so much enjoyment, better than the best hounds we will ever have.