2006 Texas State Championship
Dual Grand Scallon's Moonlit Swagger ("Tilly")

Tilly had a great showing at the Texas State Hunt for her second year in a row.  Her score of 575+ on Friday night was enough to take second place in the Grand Nite Champion class.  Also, on Saturday she was crowned the winner of the bench show in the Dual Grand class.

1st Place Winner & High Scoring Dog Saturday Night
GR NT CH 'PR' Bayou's Lean Mac ("CD")
GrNt Ch 'PR' Bayou Lean Mac "CD"

Coby Hutcheson's "C.D." showed everyone what CD stands for on Saturday night.  He won 1st place Saturday night at the Texas State Championship and was the overall high scoring dog Saturday night as well.  He scored an impressive 575+ and walked away with the win, Walker style!  Congrats to CD and Coby on the big win!